Sunday, October 9, 2011

Google+: Are You On It?

This week has been crazy busy! There's so much that I wanted to blog about, but I haven't had time. I'm just popping in to ask you a quick question.

Are you on Google+? If you are, do you like it? Is it worth all the hype?

When Google+ was still bright shiny and new, I was NOT one of the few selected to try it. So I lost my enthusiasm for it. A few people offered me invites, but I declined. Life went on fine without it.

Recently, I received a few more Google+ invites and I'm still not feeling it. The thrill is gone. I've already passed on Foursquare. I feel no need to let people know where I am at every moment. It's usually not that exciting anyway.

I'm already an active user on Facebook , Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn. Plus I blog!

Where does it end?

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