And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

Summer is having a Dreamgirls moment. Apparently she told Fall, "I'm Not Going."

Last week it was cold. I pulled out the winter blankets and put the fans away. The heat even came on for a brief moment. Fall was here in full force.

I  resigned myself to the reality of the season change. "No more ice coffee," I sadly thought. It's usually hot coffee for me, except on the hottest of days.

Then this week the humidity and heat returned. My scone baking class yesterday went great. Except for that it was 80 degrees out and we were boiling inside with all those ovens on.

But I'm not complaining. I'm not really ready to see summer go. It's always a forced break-up.

So today I took out the fans again. Sipped some iced coffee and enjoyed summer's parting words, "You're gonna love me." Oh, yes I do!

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