The Melting Pot: Do Some Fondue

My friend and I visited The Melting Pot in Boston a few weeks ago. Actually it was July 14th.

I specifically tried to find a a place where we could have a fairly inexpensive lunch with a French theme to celebrate Bastille Day. We were going to have lunch anyway, so why not mark the day?

Also, I was intrigued with the idea of a place that served fondue all the time. It seems that fondue may be more Swiss than French, based on this Wikipedia article. Oh well...

My belief that lunch would be inexpensive was rather misguided too. It was not. You could run up quite a bill. A gift card for The Melting Pot is a great idea. 

But it's also a really fun experience. Who doesn't love dipping and playing with their food? I know that I do!

I really liked watching the cheese fondue being prepared on the table. By the way, our waiter Jeff was hilarious! When he left, he said to tell our friends to come by and ask for him. So ask for Jeff! : )

Also the Hostess was wonderful. There was a very high level of attention and customer service from the second we walked in to when we walked out. The service was outstanding and beyond what you see at many restaurants.

While I enjoyed the lunch, my favorite part was dessert! Don't you love this Yin & Yang Chocolate Fondue design?

I'll definitely go back to The Melting Pot. They are having some specials for Restaurant Week, which starts Sunday, August 14, 2011. This would be a great time to go, because you might get a break on the price, yet still enjoy the food and fun!

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Chris said…
Years ago two friends and I went to a Melting Pot. They were just starting out. You are correct, it is an $$$ meal but for a foodie it it is a fun and different way to experience and enjoy food.
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - I guess I'll have to save up for next time!
christina said…
i have never been! this looks like yummy fun!
Lisa Johnson said…
christina - I think they might only be in the New England area, but it's worth a stop if you're here for a trip.

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