All Star Sandwich Bar: Mother Approved!

That would be my mom! Last week we had lunch in Cambridge at All Star Sandwich Bar.

Not only did we both really enjoy our meals, but my mother, even remarked that their creamy slaw was so good that it reminded her of what she used to make at home from scratch. And it did! Just like mom used to make!

Oh, and by the way, All Star Sandwich Bar is the eatery that has the mysterious handprint on the wall. I hadn't even noticed it. It was behind me when I was sitting down and my mom pointed it out.  Kinda cool huh? ; )

Well let's get back to the meat of this review! I actually had a vegetarian sandwich. Like all their sandwiches, it was big. The thick portobello mushrooms gave it just the right texture and flavor too.

Be warned. The sandwiches have so much in them that it tends to fall out and gets kind of messy. They don't skimp on serving size! So it might not be a first date kind of place, because there could be judging.

Other than that, the atmosphere is really fun. It's comfortable and the service was very very good. Friendly and fast. And not just to us. The service was uniformly good to everyone from what I could see.

Oh and the buttermilk soaked onion rings! You must try these onion rings. In many restaurants, they are so thickly coated and greasy that they tend to make me ill. But these were perfect! And the serving size was so generous that I brought the leftovers home and enjoyed them the next day. I would will be going back for these.

All Star Sandwich Bar is easy to get to and there's plenty of metered street parking until 6pm. Make sure you have some quarters before then!

In October, Executive Chef and co-owner Johnny Diamantopoulous will be opening All Star Pizza Bar right across the street. Johnny is all about giving the customer choices.

From September 6 -30, the Annual Global Street Foods menu will be available. So you'll have even more sandwiches to choose from.

This fall is looking tasty!

Disclosure: Lunch courtesy of All Star Sandwich Bar and Chris Lyons Communications.

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I ADORE this place, and also did a review of their food recently. I can't wait until their pizza shop opens across the street!
Lisa Johnson said…
michelle - I'm looking forward to trying their pizza too. Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend!

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