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Jenny Pavich and Jannick Kjaer are the founders of the website Julio's Sol. Part of their dream is to help others live their dreams too. I really admire what they are doing and hope that all their dreams come true!

On their website, they share interviews and stories of people who can inspire others. I was more than flattered and a little bewildered, when I received an email from Jannick asking me if I would share my experiences in learning to take risks.

Well, I couldn't say no, because I've realized that over the last several years, I've become way more of a risk taker than I ever would have dreamed. Maybe I can inspire someone. Who knows?

I also wrote something on how I've learned to become optimistic. There are several other people who've answered these questions too, so you will need to read through before you see my answers. Hopefully you can take a look at them all. There are some very interesting people who shared their stories.

Jannick is hoping that some of you might like to share your thoughts on some topics as well. If you're interested, please send him an email: Here are links to the stories below.

~ Dare to risk? These People Did.

~ How to be Optimistic

Thank you for the opportunity Jenny and Jannick!

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Mizrepresent said…
I loved it and your entry. I think i might submit! Thanks so much for sharing!
Lisa Johnson said…
mizrepresent - Thank you! Glad to spread the word. : )
Jkjaer said…
Hi Lisa- thanks so much for this post, it was a pleasure reading your responses! Good luck to your Uncle!

All best - Jannick
Lisa Johnson said…
jannick - You're welcome and thank you! : )

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