An Early Summer Roundup Post

Flickr photo by Greg Ma

What's up for the weekend? I met a friend earlier today and tried a new ice cream place. It was really good and I'll post about it soon. I think my choice of flavor was impacted by the picture above.

Over the past few months, I've been saving all sorts of random bits and pieces for a new roundup post. A few of the entries I considered writing separate blog posts for, but there wasn't enough time or I lost the inclination. So here we go!

* * *

~ Cupcakes on sticks!

~ A recipe for chocolate butter.

~ Mint and caraway are mirror molecules. Mint is the "left-handed" version and caraway is the "right-handed" version. I love this!

~ A new yarn + fabric store in JP.

~ A diy bracelet that I want to try. I tweeted this as soon as I saw it and had planned to buy the materials right away. Maybe this week.

~ A friend from the Dinner Club told me about Sweet Tooth Bakery in South Boston. Love the name! I'll get there one of these days!

~ The creativity of Matt Damon cookies.

~ A Moth Radio Hour with compelling stories by Andrew Solomon, Judy Gold, and Reverend Al Sharpton.

~ Free lessons in Vipassana Meditation.

~ On Point radio interview with Min Jin Lee about her book Free Food for Millionaires.

~ A gallery of lighthouses on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

~ An article explaining the pyschology of comfort food.

~ Visiting Boston, but don't want to stay in a traditional hotel? You can stay in a houseboat!

~ Local celebrity chefs Evan Deluty of Stella, Dante deMagistris of Dante and Il Casale, and Rob Picardi of Prezza served on-course gourmet food at the first McGladrey Foundation Charity Golf Event on June 13, 2011. More than $150,000.00 was raised to benefit Special Olympics Massachusetts, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston and the McGladrey Foundation.

~ A TED Talk by Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientists about her experience having a massive stroke and watching her brain functions shut down one by one and why she considers it such a gift.

~ Several bloggers set off to explore the FarmCoast region of Southern New England. Christine Chitnis organized the FarmCoast Blogger Retreat, which may end up being an annual event. See the beautiful posts written by: Mystic Vixen, A New England Life, Paintings in Dutch, and Poppy & Leo.

I hope that there was something here for everyone to enjoy!

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Suldog said…
MY WIFE once surprised me with an overnight stay in a Boston-docked boat named The Golden Slipper. I'd highly recommend the experience. The gentle rocking of the waves, the sea air... Very nice.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - I would LOVE to try this! Sounds so fun. You two do the coolest things!

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