Cream: In Abington

For a while, a friend has been telling me that I needed to try the ice cream at a place called Cream in Abington.

My friend enjoyed her cup of Pistachio ice cream and really loves this place. The servings are quite generous and a small is more like a medium. I tried the Coffee Kahlua Brownie. As I was eating, I was thinking that it was good, but the brownie chunks were kind of small. As I got to the end, the brownie chunks got much bigger, which was a nice surprise.

G really likes German Chocolate Cake, so when I saw that flavor ice cream, I thought that I'd bring some home for him. He said that there weren't any pieces of cake in it, which was what we expected, so he was rather disappointed.

It was a mixed bag tastewise I guess. But they serve Richardson's Ice Cream, which is a local dairy farm in Massachusetts, so supporting them is a good thing. The people at Cream were friendly and they have a nice outdoor seating area.

Plus the giant ice cream cone out front is so cute! Kids will like that. I guess adults too. : )

And well, it's ice cream. When it's hot out, it's sweet and refreshing. So if you're in the area, I'd recommend them.

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The Duo Dishes said…
The German Chocolate Cake flavor sounded the most intriguing, but with no pieces of cake in does that work? Hmmm. The rest of it sounds good though!
Lisa Johnson said…
the duo dishes - I didn't understand it either. Maybe it was a rogue batch! ; )
Anonymous said…
If you google Richardsons ice cream you can read the description of flavors and it says German Chocolate is
a Chocolate Based Ice Cream With Chunks of Brownie Fudge And A Caramel Ripple. I assume real cake pieces would get soggy in the ice cream and fall apart, so a brownie works better. If your husband had no brownie chunks, then i would say you got a rogue batch.
Lisa Johnson said…
anonymous - Thanks for the tip! Looks like we did get a rogue batch!

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