Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day + Happy Juneteenth!

Flickr photo by Erich Ferdinand
Whatever you're doing today, I hope you're having a good one!

I'm baking a cake for Father's Day dinner over my parents' house and hopefully catching up on some things around the house. Here's a really sweet Father's Day video. (via Mommy Niri)

Plus I'm linking to some Juneteenth posts that I've written years ago, if you're curious about the holiday.

June 19, 2006: Happy Juneteenth!

June 19, 2007: Happy Juneteenth!

June 19, 2009: Juneteenth + The Pursuit of Happiness

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Mr Lonely said...

Happy Father's Day !!! Have a Nice Day !!! Best Regards from Mr Lonely at .. do visits my blog when free.. XD

Lisa said...

mr lonely - Welcome and I hope you had a great day too! : )

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