Want To Be A Keeper At A Lighthouse?

Photo courtesy of U.S. Coast Guard

While there might not be much baking going on here, Bakers Island Light Station, located in Salem Sound, north of Boston, Massachusetts, is looking for volunteer keepers for the summer, 12 weeks, June - September. Maybe this opportunity is on someone's life list?

Among other things, you should have boating experience, carpentry skills, and mechanical aptitude. Duties include basic maintenance and repairs on the Keeper’s and Assistant Keeper’s houses, cutting the grass paths and trimming brush. The public is not allowed at present.

You'd live in the Keeper's House -- "a rustic 3 bedroom Victorian house operating ‘off the grid’ with solar power."

The ad also says "couple preferred; house is not suitable for small children." Hmmm. It could be argued, but the position walks a fine line between work and housing, so there could be some issues with this ad. Not sure, but something to think about if you apply.

Anyway, it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone, so if this is your dream, I'm sending this out into the universe and maybe it will find you.

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Tracy said…
Have always loved lighthouse, such a wild romance about them. Not sure I'd keep one, but I wouldn't mind over-nighting in one! ;o) Happy Weekend, Lisa ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - I feel exactly the same! I think a weekend would be just fine for me. : )
jenious said…
Oh if we didn't have the bar to watch over I'd be all over this opportunity!
Lisa Johnson said…
jenious - Hopefully someone who's looking for this will find it! Running the bar must be exciting, but a lot of hard work too. I guess there's only so many adventures one can embark on at once! ; )

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