A Roundup: Boston Area Bed + Breakfasts

Planning to visit the Boston area? Just in case you might travel here, I thought that I'd pass along some information to you.

A little earlier tonight, I watched Chronicle, which is a local television program about living in New England. The show focused on Urban B&B's. I'm always looking for information like this and thought that it was put together really well.

Here's a roundup of some cute places to stay in the Boston area, if you don't want to stay in a big hotel.

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Charlestown, Boston: Green Turtle Floating B&B

Jamaica Plain, Boston: Taylor House

Beacon Hill, Boston: The Charles Street Inn

South End, Boston: Encore B&B

Concord: Hawthorne Inn

North End, Boston: La Cappella Suites

Coolidge Corner, Brookline: The Beech Tree Inn

Happy Travels! If you decide to visit the area, I also recommend this book for some places to visit and things to do.

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El said…
Nice list. I'm a huge fan of the Charles Street Inn. It's beautiful!
design elements said…
beautiful photo! Boston always reminds me of Harvard. Lovely greetings

p.s.: I'm a lawyer too :-)
Lisa Johnson said…
el - Thanks! I'm so glad that I caught the show. I've never been to any of these places, but they all look really nice.

design elements - Welcome! Always fun to meet another lawyer living out their creative dreams! And glad you like the photo. : )
I've only been to Boston once and I really enjoyed it.
Lisa Johnson said…
unknown mamai - Hopefully you'll get to come back! ; )

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