Dinner Club: Ming Tsai

This Dinner Club post is waaaay overdue. We missed a month getting together and other things got in the way of posting about it sooner. But no more excuses friends!

Our celebrity chef was Ming Tsai. One of my favorites! I really enjoy his show on PBS, Simply Ming. He always makes dessert! I've heard nothing but good things about his restaurant, Blue Ginger, which is located west of Boston in Wellesley. I still haven't eaten there, but I hope to eventually.

One of the things that we all loved about his recipes was the different way that he combines flavors. The East-West fusion element is really tasty and we all enjoyed the meal. My one comment was that the soup was too spicy for me. The flavor was wonderful, but it made me cough like crazy! Nobody else had a problem with it though. I just can't handle spicy food.

We all loved the cake. There were so many recipes to choose from for baking dessert. The experience was the exact opposite of the Rachel Ray dinner. There are a bunch of dessert recipes that I still want to try

Dinner Club #5: Ming Tsai

Soy Lime Glazed Salmon
Shiitake Sushi Rice Risotto
Lemongrass Coconut Chicken Soup
Coconut Molasses Cake

Stay tuned, because our next celebrity chef is Marcus Samuelsson!

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