Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bostonians Are Good Tippers!

According to the most recent Zagat Boston Restaurants Survey, Bostonians tip an average of 19.4%, putting us above the national average of 19.2%. It's always nice to hear good news about Boston!

Here are a few more results from the latest (2011/12) Zagat Boston Restaurants Survey, which covers 1,396 restaurants in Boston, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and The Berkshires.

Table Tech: 83% of people surveyed feel that it is acceptable to take pictures of food or dining companions, but 63% of people said that it is “rude and inappropriate” to text, e-mail, tweet, or talk on the phone at a restaurant.

Healthy Eating: 73% of those surveyed think it’s important that food be locally sourced, organic, or sustainably raised

Service: 65% say that service is the number one complaint in Boston (followed by Noise, Food, and Prices)

Barbara Lynch’s restaurant Menton scored the highest overall in the D├ęcor and Service categories.

O Ya received the highest Food score.

And for the fifth survey in a row, the most popular restaurant is Legal Seafoods.

The new Zagat Boston Restaurants book will be available starting tomorrow with a special launch event. More news soon!

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