Boston Tastemakers

Do you know these gentlemen? Well, you may not know their faces, but the work that they're doing is making an imprint on Boston style and eating.

On the left is Joe Malaika of Malaika Clothing, whose designs were recently shown at Providence Fashion Week.

Malaika Clothing was established in the summer of 2009. Malaika means Angel in Swahili and the afro-inspired line is diversified to suit everyone.

What is the brand about? "We believe that confidence, values, and originality breed undeniable swagger!"

On the right is Abdi, one of the owners of the Somalian restaurant Tawakal Halal Cuisine in East Boston. Read my review of Tawakal here.

I really enjoyed the food, my visit, and had a chance to chat with both of them. Plus Joe and Abdi were kind enough to pose for this picture. So nice! They are good friends and Abdi is wearing one of Joe's designs. See the yellow angel wings on his sweater?

Other people seem to agree that the food and service is really wonderful at Tawakal based on comments on this post on Universal Hub and reviews on Yelp.

Most definitely, this is not the last of the good things that you'll be hearing about Malaika Clothing or Tawakal Halal Cuisine.

Disclosure: While I tried to pay for my meal, I was told that it was a treat, so my meal ended up being complimentary.

*Updated 3/9/2013* Sadly, Tawakal Halal Cuisine has closed.

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Unknown said…
I think its amazing what these two gentlemen are doing, you dont see very young men caring about what goes on in the world but apparently there is still some hopes left in this world. Keep doing what your doing Abdi and joe I am very proud ;-)
Lisa Johnson said…
amal - Welcome and thank you for your comment! I agree and think that it's important to talk about positive people and to support them in their efforts. What we focus on grows, so let's make it be good! :D

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