El Norte

Movies are a window into another world. A way to change perspective and reflect on life stories that we never knew. While visiting the library, I happened to notice some DVDs on display and ended up coming home with a stack.

One of the movies was El Norte, by Gregory Nava and Anna Thomas. The movie is stunning in its beauty, writing, acting, and story. Also, it started the independent film movement in the United States.

It's a 1983 film, but El Norte is just as relevant today. Nava and Thomas made the film as students and it was nominated for an Oscar in 1985 for Best Original Screenplay. The 2009 DVD has commentary from the cast, which really gives you an idea of all that they were up against when making this film. It's amazing that they were able to do it!

Hopefully you'll get a chance to see it. It would be a nice movie to watch this weekend and will lead to plenty of discussion.

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Josephine said…
You stated one of the reasons I'm such a movie nerd - because they give you a window into a different world. Another great movie to check out is Frozen River. That highlights an aspect of American life that I had no idea about.
alessandra said…
What you said is so true, and the presentation gave me goosebumps ;)
I'll see it.
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - I loved Frozen River! Great movie! There are so many interesting films that don't get much media coverage. So we have to find them for ourselves.

alessandra - The whole movie will give you goosebumps! : )
se'lah said…
i so wish i had more time for movies. so many good ones. love indy films especially.
Lisa Johnson said…
se'lah - I hope you get to enjoy one soon!

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