Saturday, February 26, 2011

Elsewhere On The Internet...

By chance, I happen to be on two different blogs today.

~ Read my Guest Post over at wishstudio about the necklace project and my time spent with the necklace.

~ Several bloggers, including me, were asked about our picks for Best Movie at the Oscars by Mark at Baby Boomer Talk Online. Take a look at some thoughts on the movies.

I'm starting to get excited about the show. Will you be watching the Academy Awards?

Have a good weekend!

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A. Jarrett said...

Thanks so much for the links!

And yes, I believe I will be watching the Academy Awards!

Lisa said...

a. jarrett - You're welcome and thanks for the visit! Have fun watching! ; )

Kat said...

Hi Lisa! I just found your blog through wish*studio. I've been "meeting" (online) some of the others involved in the necklace project and the journey that the necklace has been on. It's so cool!
Also, I ws so happy to see that you were from Quincy! I live in Duxbury and also used to live in Wollaston!
I'm looking forward to following your blog :)

~Kat~ said...

oh! actually I wanted to post with my google acc. which links to my blog... forgot to sign in! oops!

Lisa said...

kat - Welcome to the blog! Thanks for the visit and kind words. Nice to see another South Shore girl! ; )

Tera said...

I never watch the awards. For some reason, it always amazes me that there are movies on there that I have NEVER heard...I've got to get out more!

Lisa said...

tera - They were okay, but not quite as exciting as I'd hoped. But I definitely have a bunch of movies that I plan to see!

Suldog said...

Oscars aren't my thing, really. I much prefer comedy, and there are few comedies ever nominated for Oscars.

Lisa said...

suldog - You're right about comedies. They don't seem to get that kind of respect. A comedy is just as valid an art form and it's just as difficult to be truly funny. Well, that's one of the reasons that I look forward to the Mark Twain Awards every year.

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