Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starting The Year Right

The mani/pedi was wonderful! I feel like a new person! I went with a seasonal theme for colors. I hadn't planned it that way, but these colors really stood out. I have a sparkly snow color on my fingers and a spring green on my toes. What a great way to start the year. Refreshed and relaxed.   (See update below)

Whether you live here or if you're visiting as a tourist, Copley Square is a great area to walk around. As I was getting on the T, I noticed the sun setting and had to take a few pictures. How could I resist that light?

I also found the coolest little shop. Especially for those of us who love to cook. Boston Olive Oil Company is a tasting shop and specialty store. They sell any type of olive oil and balsamic vinegar that you could dream up in your wildest food fantasy.

Dark chocolate vinegar! Don't judge till you try it. And you can try it. You can taste everything! I had no idea vinegar could taste so sweet and so rich. So many varieties and incredible flavors. All these treats for your kitchen! They suggest pairings of vinegars and oils too. And even if you can't visit Boston anytime soon, you can order online.

I bought the Honey Ginger Balsamic and Herbs de Provence Olive Oil and cannot wait to cook with them!

So how is 2011 treating all of you so far?

*Updated 5/28/11* I've removed links and the name of the new spa that I went to for a mani/pedi. Since a month after the service, I've had problems with my foot that I think may relate to the pedicure. I can no longer recommend this spa.

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SharleneT said...

Okay. So, I ran right out to my mailbox to see what you sent me, but -- and, this will surprise you! -- it was only filled with post-Christmas bills and brochures. But,I did get my seed catalogs! Would love to try that chocolate olive oil some time in the future... Love pix and so glad your year is starting out great! Come visit when you can...

Lisa said...

sharlene - LOL! Glad you got your seed catalogs. The chocolate balsamic vinegar was so good! You'll love it!

El said...

I'm thrilled to hear about this olive oil store. Chocolate olive oil? I'm there! I wonder if you can bake with it? Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic, healthy, happy 2011. Here's to a great New Year!

Lisa said...

el - It's chocolate balsamic vinegar, not the oil, but it was great. Happy New Year to you too!

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