Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Pizza Friday

You know when you've seen a little restaurant or shop around for years, but for some reason you never go in? That's how it was for me with Emma's Pub + Pizza.

I've driven by Emma's a billion times, but never went in. And the lot was always full, which usually indicates that the food is somewhat good. Then again, it has a bar and big screen TVs, so many people go there to watch the games and grab some drinks.

Anyway, a couple of months ago, I finally decided to go in and get some pizzas for my family. We all have different preferences, so I was able to order different toppings for each half of one of the pizzas. These pizzas were huge! And they didn't skimp on the toppings.

My mom and I split the chicken and broccoli pizza. It had a white sauce, which I really liked. Unfortunately my mom would have preferred the standard tomato sauce. Oh well.

My brother had jalapeno peppers and linguica on his half a pizza. My father had anchovies on the other half.

Overall, we all enjoyed our pizzas. Even though the price was a bit high, the pizzas were so enormous that there were leftovers for a few days. I'd stop by there again.

What's your favorite pizza flavor?

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alessandra said...

I love pizza, usually with bell peppers or sautè zucchini and onions, never had one with broccoli though.

Lisa said...

alessandra - I love peppers and onions too. Zucchini would be good. I'll have to try that! Have a great weekend! : )

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

I've always wondered about Emma's...good to know! That pizza does look good...

Lisa said...

tsbk - It's definitely worth checking out!

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