Missing: Phylicia Barnes

Missing persons is normally not the type of thing that you read about on this blog. But I watched the evening news and learned that a teenager named Phylicia Barnes is missing. It was my first time hearing about her.

She was last seen on Dec. 28th in Baltimore and police are having a tough time getting national coverage, so they can expand their search out of state and hopefully get some tips.

I went back and forth about posting this, but when it came down to it, if this post can possibly help spread the word and find Phylicia, then I feel an obligation to do all that I can. Hopefully she is safe and can be found soon. Let's spread the word and keep Phylicia Barnes' name and picture in the media.

*Updated 1/20/2011* There is a Facebook page set up where you can send prayers and good wishes to the family.

*Updated 4/22/2011* I hate to update this post with such a horrible ending. I hoped Phylicia would be found safe and get to live the life she had planned. Sadly, her body was found yesterday. Here's a news segment.

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Tera said…
Anali how thoughtful and considerate of you to post this. I as well as you hope that she is safe and that nothing terrible has happened to her.
Lisa Johnson said…
tera - Thank you for commenting about this and for the support. Some posts I'm not sure if I should do them and wonder what people think. But I feel like it's the right thing to do. I hope they find Phylicia safe. Such a sad story.

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