Santa, Another Scooter & A Book

A few days ago, I was in Au Bon Pain having some breakfast and talking with a friend, when Santa walked in. I know what all you kids are thinking. That he wasn't the real Santa.

Well, maybe not. But he was very friendly. Jolly even. He had on the requisite red Santa hat. A real full white Santa beard and quite a big belly. But he had on his regular clothes. It seemed that Santa was probably just grabbing breakfast before heading off to work.

A man came up to him and asked for some pictures. Santa politely obliged and asked if the man would like him to stand by the wall. I was trying to focus on a rather serious conversation, but couldn't help but watch this scene unfold in front of me. I resisted the temptation to grab my camera. Looking back, I should have just taken a few. Live and learn.

We always hear such horrible stories about mean mall Santas who smell badly and act even worse. I thought that I'd tell a nice Santa story. Maybe he was nice because he was the real one... Nah! Hmmm...

Well not long after, I saw another scooter. This time a green one. Wouldn't it be nice if Santa brought me one for Christmas? I've been so good this year!

Well, I got sort of an early Christmas present the same day, but I bought it for myself. Months and months ago, I heard that Chookooloonks blogger, Karen Walrond finished writing her book, The Beauty of Different. As soon as it was available for pre-order, I ordered it.

And now I have the book in my hands! I can't wait to read it. But also, I've looked forward to getting it for so long. I've enjoyed the wait. Like a kid on Christmas Eve. I'm sure that I'll get over that and start reading it soon. But for now, I'm enjoying just knowing that it's here.

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I love when I'm so excited for something that I want the anticipation to last just a *bit* longer...enjoy!
Lisa Johnson said…
michelle - Me too! Thanks! ; )

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