Sunday, December 12, 2010

Massachusetts Conference For Women 2010

This past week was very busy! I volunteered again at The Massachusetts Conference For Women. What a huge crowd!

Unfortunately I missed out on most of it. There were things that I needed to do before my shift started. And then I volunteered, so I couldn't attend the afternoon sessions either. Last year I was able to see much more.

I did get a chance to see a bit of the Keynote. Christy Turlington Burns spoke about her involvement with the worldwide crisis involving maternal health. Her movie, NO WOMAN, NO CRY, documents the lives of four women in different parts of the world during their pregnancies. Burns also launched an interactive website,, to help take action and raise awareness around the issue of maternal health worldwide.

From supermodel to super role model! I was very impressed with her. As she was speaking, you could tell that she was nervous, but she was up there anyway, because she believes in this issue so strongly and really wants to make a difference. She's also studying for her Master's degree in public health from Columbia. Talk about walking the walk!

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