Documentary Film About Filene's Basement: Voices from the Basement

Tomorrow night, Thursday, December 9 at 8:30pm on WGBH 2, we can all take a little trip down memory lane. A documentary film about Filene's Basement, Voices from the Basement will premiere.

I'm looking forward to seeing it! Thank you to Patricia Boudrot, who left a comment on my Filene's post with this information. Turns out, she's Director of Publicity for Filene's Basement!

One of my shopping memories was going with a co-worker one day. We worked for the state, and walking from the state offices at Ashburton Place to Downtown Crossing is very quick.

She had the cutest clothes ever and was one of the best Basement shoppers out there. She always got the best deals! So, she took me under her wing during lunch hour one day and gave me some pointers.

One thing that I learned is that people hide things! I always keep this in mind whenever I shop in any store. Always look at what's tucked behind. And don't assume that things are where they're supposed to be. Often they've been moved by a calculating shopper with some very cute inexpensive clothes. : )

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El said…
It will be really interesting to see the documentary. I miss the old basement. It's sad to see it gone!
Lisa Johnson said…
el - Maybe the film will help get things going with the redevelopment. It seems so wrong to have the stores elsewhere and not in Boston where it started. Let's hope!
Suldog said…
Thanks for telling me about this. We're going to a play tonight, so would have not known about it and missed it entirely. Now I'll set it up to tape, and enjoy it later.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - You're welcome! I hope you had fun at the play too.
Suldog said…
The documentary was a kick. I could have gone for a longer version.

The play was "Frankie & Johnny At The Clair De Lune" at The New Repertory Theater in Watertown. Good show, some big laughs, lots of nudity (always a plus, for me).

All in all, between the two, a great evening, thanks!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - You remind me that I haven't been to a play in while. It's time! Ironically I missed the last part of the documentary. I'll have to catch it again. It was on the same time as the Oprah interview! ; )

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