Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Preparation - Downtown Boston

This past week, I was in downtown Boston and caught up with a friend for a quick hot drink at Boston Common Coffee on Washington Street.

It's really comfortable with a decent amount of seating and lots of snacks and drinks to choose from. If you find yourself in the Downtown Crossing area shopping and want to stop and refuel for the next round, Boston Common Coffee is a nice place to stop for a bit.

Instead of taking the T from Downtown Crossing, I walked to South Station. They were putting up Macy's Christmas tree, so I stopped and took a few pictures. I didn't go, but I read that the tree lighting was last night.

As we were walking, my friend pointed out the Boston Handmade Holiday Gallery. She had to go back to work, but I went back hoping to stop in. Unfortunately, they weren't open at the time. But they're open now!

One of the big problems with our economy is that so much of what we purchase in the United States is made in other countries. When we get a chance to buy goods made in the USA, especially by our own local people, we should jump at the chance. So if anyone is doing their holiday shopping and wants to support the economy in a real way, buying at Boston Handmade Downtown is a great way to do it.

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The Small Boston Kitchen said...

I love Christmas in Boston and agree with you about buying local!

Lisa said...

tsbk - It is so pretty here! I'd like to get some pictures of the lights on Boston Common.

SE'LAH... said...

Can't wait to see very soon ;)

it's holiday season again! such an exciting time.

Lisa said...

se'lah - I was out tonight and saw all the pretty lights.... Then realized that I didn't bring my camera! Sacre bleu!!

Suldog said...

I used to so love downtown Boston when I was a kid. The lights on the Common, the Enchanted Village at Jordan Marsh, lovely decorations in almost all of the store windows. I don't get downtown much anymore, but I suppose I should sometime in the next couple of weeks to look around and maybe recapture some of that thrill.

Lisa said...

suldog - It's still fun to look in the windows and see the displays and lights. I do miss Jordan Marsh and The Enchanted Village though. I hope you get to go and enjoy! 'Tis the season! ; )

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