Monday, October 4, 2010

Food Bloggers: Writing + Money

Since I'm already in full food blog mode today with my writing, I wanted to put some more information out into the blogosphere.

I just read two very interesting articles by Dianne Jacob on her blog: Will Write For Food. See the links below and short excerpts.

Outrageous Blogger Request, and the Outcome
A prominent food blogger was asked by the people in charge of a trade show to "develop a recipe for no compensation, fly to Italy at her own expense, make the dish for 30 to 35 people at the show, then post about it on her own blog to “bring attention to herself.”'
A Food Bloggers Union?
“Part of the problem is that many people don’t know what they should be asking for. I think people don’t ask because they aren’t informed and there is no standard. We thought, what if we set up an event for about 50 influential (not necessarily big) food bloggers, along with people who know the food business and know what a fair price should be. We thought we could come up with some standards to unite around, i.e. how much we get paid for writing, recipe development, photographs (sliding scale based on traffic) and how much we get paid to go on trips. …So we thought we could actually even draft something and sign it… in essence, starting a Food Bloggers Union."
These are definitely things to think about and there are many issues involved. Too many for me to get into all of them at this point. Maybe later. Maybe in another forum. If I'm going to walk the walk, then you can probably see where I'm going with this...

Any thoughts??

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Esme said...

I think this is the downside to blogging-everything is out there for free. People can have access to your photos recipes etc. I am not so bothered about create a recipe-but really why would I go abroad at my own expense?

bellini valli said...

I met Dianne Jacob at a Food & Wine Writers Workshop a few weekends ago here in BC. She is very approachable, knowledgeable and willing to share what she knows. In her latest edition of her book she has a very useful ection on blogging.

SharleneT said...

I don't even know how to address questions like that -- but, Lord knows, I've had them asked of me. Invariably the very person asking you to beef up their world is getting paid for their participation... My favorite is when you're invited to exhibit at a special function, only to have someone come around for your entry fee (not mentioned at request or pre-show time)... I can't even imagine what kind of attention would be forthcoming from serving so few people -- unless, they were high muck-a-mucks that could instantly change your life... I have GOT to get off this soapbox! Love the idea of a Union, but who would pay attention to it? Too many folks give it away for FREE... come visit when you can...

Christina said...

Hmm... not many of us, could afford to even take the first step. Wow.

Dianne Jacob said...

Thanks for linking to my posts, Anali. I'm glad to have you as a reader.

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