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Yesterday was a truly wonderful day. It was filled with activity, fun, lots of dessert, chocolate in particular, and much learning about an organization called Greyston Bakery. When I arrived home, I couldn't stop smiling.

There is much good in the world. Always have hope.

More will be told over the next week or so - See the update here. But for now, let me share my first ever video. I just upped my blogging a notch!

I was so inspired by the wonderful people that I met, something new was needed. While flying back to Boston from New York last night, I took several pictures. What a gorgeous sunset.

There's something magical about seeing above the clouds. Maybe because we get a different perspective. Which is what we all need every once in a while in order to grow and change. To transform ourselves as we continue on our life's journey.

In seeing and learning from others about their life paths, and getting the support that we all need, we get that much better at finding our own path. We are all so connected.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Disclaimer: Travel expenses paid by Greyston Bakery and Ben & Jerry's.

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Unknown said…
I love your video! The pics show what I love most about flying. I always get the window seat so I can look at the clouds!
Loved the photo montage! Once upon a time, I enjoyed watching cloud formations from my window seat. It's the best form of meditation I know. Then flying became a headache. That's when I realized that all the cool stuff I loved on virgin (tv/movies/music/etc) was the culprit. Now, I'm try to fly No-Fi, so that my mind can wander in creative bliss! Thanks for the post!!!
Parisbreakfasts said…
Bravo on your 1st video!!!
I would love to try that out...
Lisa Johnson said…
moody gemini - Thank you! I used to be so afraid to fly before that I would never look out the window. I guess I've made progress.

that johnson boy - Welcome! And thank you for the kind words! It is pretty amazing to look above the clouds. Glad you enjoyed the video. : )

parisbreakfasts - Thank you Carol!

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