Yoplait Parfait Delights Loves Boston!

Yoplait isn't just telling us they love us here in Boston. They're not just whispering sweet nothings in our ears. Yoplait is backing it up with action.

This week, August 2 - August 6, Yoplait Parfait Delights yogurt will be given away free all over Boston.

If you're near a T station, shopping area, or a park, you might just get some. Yoplait Delights come in four flavors: Chocolate Raspberry, Crème Caramel, Triple Berry Crème and Lemon Torte.

I tried the Lemon Torte and Chocolate Raspberry. They are really good! G really enjoyed them also, so men like them too! They're so smooth and creamy, that they seem more like pudding than yogurt.

The servings are small and only 100 calories, so they're a great snack when you're on the go and need something to tide you over until your next meal.

So Boston. Be on the lookout this coming week for free Yoplait Parfait Delights!

If you can, please send out a tweet when you see the sampling team and let us all know the location. If you'd like to buy some Yoplait Delights at the store, click here for a coupon. Find Yoplait Delights on facebook too.

* * *

Disclosure: I received two free packages of Yoplait Parfait Delights from Cone and Yoplait.

* * *

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Sai said…
THis sounds so good...you can sin without committing dieting crimes!
Chris said…
I think I gonna move to Boston since it's apparent it's the place for free food. Not that I need free food but we don't seem to do much of that here in PA. But Anali, your posts and photos are always so yummy. Thanks.
Lisa Johnson said…
sai - LOL! And boy did I commit a dieting crime today. Cupcakes!

chris - So glad you enjoy them! We do seem to be getting a lot of free food here in Boston. I'm just enjoying spreading the news! : )

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