Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Sweet Scoop - Spaghetti Gelato

Photo by Jane Manning and/or  Dennis Marciniak

Spaghetti gelato is created using a giant gadget resembling a garlic press. Crema gelato is pressed through to resemble spaghetti, then it's topped off with a dollop of strawberry jam and shaved coconut.

I found this picture on blogTO in a post reviewing a new restaurant in Toronto called Gelato Simply Italian.

Looks like a nice place to check out if you're heading up to Toronto or live in the area. I love gelato, but this chilled confection is new to me. Have any of you tried it?

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Sharlene T. said...

Ooooh, too cool! I'm just trying to think of who I love enough to actually make this... hmmmmm... thanks for sharing...

gilli said...

That looks amazing would give one's palate a shock.

Amber Avines said...

Wow, how fun! Aside from taste, I think so much about food is presentation. This spaghetti gelato is such a neat idea! I'm going to share it with my foodie friends ;->

bellini valli said...

What a fun way to play with your food Anali!!

Tracy said...

That is VERY fun... and tasty...mmm... Happy Day, Anali :o) ((HUGS))

Anali said...

sharlene - Whoever they are, they are pretty lucky!

gilli - So nice seeing you around here again! It's a whole lot of sweet!

amber - I hope they like it! : )

bellini valli - Yes it is!

tracy - Hope you have a great day too! : )

Mzplcdokie said...

Spaghetti Gelato is wonderful! I have tasted this several years ago during a trip to Europe and would love to find a place that serves it around me.

Lisa said...

mzplcdokie - Thanks for the visit! I've yet to try it, maybe this summer hopefully! ; )

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

They serve this sort of thing at a lot of the little dessert cafes in Germany. Along with gelato shaped like breakfast foods and other savory things! Very weird, but cool, too!

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