A Midsummer Giveway: Nordic Ware

*Updated 8/10/10* The contest is closed. Congratulations to Edi the lucky winner!
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The past few months, I've been incredibly lucky with blog contests. Most recently, I won a set of Nordic Ware Bundt Pans from Coco Cooks. What a great gift! I received the pans in the mail last week. I'm keeping the Rose Bundt for myself and giving the Holiday Wreath Bundt to my mom.

But most importantly, I'm giving the Festival Bundt to one of you!

Would you like to win it? This contest is open to everyone, no matter your location. I will send this lovely bundt pan anywhere in the world.

Giveaway Rules

If you'd like to win, please let me know in the comments. The contest runs from today, Tuesday, August 3, 2010 - midnight EDT, Sunday, August 8, 2010.

This giveaway is open to everyone aged 18 and older in all countries.

No duplicate comments.

Winner will be selected via random draw and will be notified by e-mail.

Please make sure that I have a working email address for you. After the winner is notified by email, they have 24 hours to get back to me. Otherwise a new winner will be selected. The winner will be announced sometime next week.

Best of luck everyone!

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Unknown said…
I would love it!

edi said…
I'd love to win the Nordic Ware Bundt Pans!

edicampbell at gmail dot com
coco cooks said…
The gift keeps on giving! Glad you got them. Of course don't count my comment.
lori said…
I NEED THAT PAN!! I am a big bundt cake baker.
Sharlene T. said…
I would love to have the pan... it's perfect for cooking with the solar oven...

Twitter: SolarChief
Christine said…
Count me in, Lisa! Now that I have a fool-proof GF flour, I can make bundt cakes again.
And I must tell you that I really, really like your new blog header. Very refined and sophisticated. Way to go!
northcoastcook AT gmail DOT com
Sai said…
Ohhh I love bundt and would LOVE to have this.
Nance said…
I never win anything, but what the heck! Count me in! And congratulations on your good luck lately. I hope it continues in other areas of your life.

PS--my word verification was "kettens", which is pretty close to "kittens"--which have been my luckiest acquisition this summer.
Lisa Johnson said…
Thanks for the entries everyone!

christine - Thank you for the compliments on the new blog header! I like it too. : )

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