The official 2010 World Cup Ticket unveiled

Are you watching the World Cup?

To be honest, I'm probably not. But I am a bit curious about the World Cup opening ceremonies. I think they're scheduled for regular television tonight. They'd be interesting to watch if nothing more than to see some of South Africa. For me, just about everything is vicarious travel.

The U.S. Team is playing against England tomorrow. We Americans aren't known as the biggest soccer fans. Right now, Boston is rather preocuppied with basketball. Go Celtics!

But at the very least, I wish Team USA well tomorrow.

*Updated 6/12/10* Just read here that there will be no tweeting or social media allowed for the players. I can see it being a distraction, but having that insider commentary would be fun for the hardcore fans.

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Sharlene T. said…
I wish them well, also. My travel is mostly vacarious, these days, too... but, it works! Come visit when you can...
starry said…
I am a big soccor fan and have been enjoying all the games so far.
Dubs said…
GO USA! With the tie yesterday we may actually make the 2nd round! Not a huge soccer fan either, but I can get on a bandwagon like nobody's business!
Lisa Johnson said…
sharlene - At the very least, vicarious travel gives us some great ideas for when we can do the real thing.

starry - Nice! ; )

lo - The tie really threw me. I really do prefer if someone wins. But at least we advanced!

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