A Few Things I'm Loving Right Now

I was thinking about doing a post of a few things that I love right now, when I read Brainella's post. That was the clincher! I'm playing along and sharing a few things with you.

This photo: anansa by Brianna McCarthy. I learned about the artist from this blog post. I really love her style.

Brainella's etsy shop. Especially these mugs and this bowl.

Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm.

Herban Essentials Lavender Towelettes. They were a nice treat during the water emergency.

My horoscope. I'm a Virgo and Mars is getting ready to move in and get things going. Every little bit helps right? ; )

♥ This little room.

♥ These beach inspired pillows. The starfish is so cute!

♥ Whenever I learn that someone got a job.

♥ Thinking about possibilities.

♥ It's berry season!

Any suggestions for me? What are you loving right now?

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brainella said…
Yay. :-) I looked Brianna McCarthy's blog -- wow. What a talent.

I'm thrilled you like my pottery. I love it when people tell me that. Did you see the owls I posted last night?
starry said…
I am loving the nice warm weather and that my sister who is ill is feeling better.
lori said…
I am loving wearing flip flops everyday, all day long. That and sleeping with my window open.
Can-Can said…
In addition to having such lovely weather in which to walk, I'm loving that this is turning into the summer of seeing friends and relatives that I haven't seen. So far for positive reasons (a convention in town, a birthday). This is happening on both my side of the family and my husband's side. Family, friends, former co-workers - not so lonely in Boston after all.
Thanks for sharing some of the things you're loving.
Debra Hawkins said…
Happy Saturday Sharefest!! I love the little room!
Unknown said…
I am loving the photo by Brianna McCarthy, that is simply beautiful!!!
Lisa Johnson said…
brainella - Glad you liked her blog. I'll have to take a look at the owls.

starry - So glad your sister is feeling better. All my best to both of you!

lori - I love the comfort of flip flops too. We're suddenly having a cold spell here and I've had to close the windows at night. In my old apartment, I lived closer to the beach. Every once in a while, when I had the windows open, I could smell a nice ocean breeze. That was a real treat.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - That's great that you're getting to catch up with so many loved ones. And like you said, for positive reasons. I hope your summer of fun continues!

debra joy - Thanks for the visit and the comment!

red30 - Welcome! I'm glad you like her work too. And thanks for the blog mention. : )

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