2 Weeks * 2 Legends {Maya + Angela}

Back in March, I had the opportunity to see Maya Angelou and Angela Davis. They spoke at two separate events. Maya in Boston at Northeastern University and Angela in Bridgewater, at the college.

It was amazing to see such icons in such a short span of time. It's not so often that I'm in the presence of two people who've made such an impact on our country's history.

Even though I didn't have any individual face to face interaction with them, I thought about all that they had accomplished and took what they said to heart. What could I take from these events to make changes in my life? What can I do to be a better and more impactful person?

I don't know that I have the answers, but I'll share a few things said by Maya Angelou that I was able to write down.

"Saying good morning can make someone's day. ... Be a rainbow in the clouds. ... We have the power to change the world. ... We have been paid for by our ancestors. We have to pay for those who will come after us."

Angela Davis spoke about social justice and how we need to closely look at who is in college and who is in prison. That it's no accident. Prisons have become a business and they have to be filled to make a profit. Not all of us get to go to college. Who isn't there?

A few things to think about...

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Asha said…
I love Maya Angelou's voice, so powerful!! I bought 3 CD books of her's just to listen to the voice. Love her autobiographical books too.

Have a great Monday.
Tracy said…
Good morning, Anali! :o) Maya Angelou is such a huge inspiration source... just loved this post and links. Happy Day ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - That's a great idea to get her books on CD. Her voice is amazing. It's quite a joy to get to hear her speak live.

tracy - Happy day to you too! : )

dmarks - I'm glad that we can agree on Maya. Also, it's nice that even though we will never see eye to eye on politics that you still like this space enough to visit!
El said…
Love Maya. You're lucky to have seen her!
Lisa Johnson said…
el - I almost saw her once before, but didn't go. I couldn't pass up the opportunity this time.

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