Summer Cocktails & Lime Ice Cubes

Hello! Popping in for a quick post.

It's a rather busy day, but I made these lime ice cubes and thought that I'd share the idea. I read about them before and always plan to make them, but usually forget.

Today I've been super motivated to organize a bunch of things in the kitchen and remembered. They're very simple. Just squeeze the juice from two limes into the ice cube tray sections. Cut the limes into small pieces and put them in the sections. Fill with water.

They're still freezing right now, but they'll be nice to add to drinks or even just a glass of water. Remember the cocktails that I made in this post? I'll make something similar and throw in a lime ice cube.

You can make some really nice cocktails just by throwing a few things together. I learned these tricks from my father who makes the best drinks. He used to bartend at night way back when I was a little kid. I mix drinks similarly to the way that I bake. Except that it's complete improvisation and depends on what I have in the house. I never measure.

Grab some pretty glasses. Add a bit of Southern Comfort or other liquor that you like. Maybe a couple of capfuls in each glass. I always have it in the house, because my father brings it wherever he goes and then leaves the bottle. Love it!

Add a lime (or lemon) ice cube. Add some fruit juice. Cranberry or orange are nice.

Add a carbonated beverage. Gingerale is always good. Because it was on sale recently, I tried IBC Black Cherry soda, which I really like. If the flavors clash, you may not want the fruit juice with a flavored soda. Try it and see how you like it.

Trader Joe's, Hannaford's, and Stop & Shop all have some nice store brand sparkling juice beverages and specialty type sodas. It's fun trying different brands and flavors. Plus, they're reasonably priced. Especially in comparison to what you'd spend if you went to a bar or restaurant and bought a cocktail. Stir. Drink. Enjoy. Cheers!

Oh! I saw Sex and the City 2. Loved it! The movie is getting some really bad reviews and I don't understand why. I feel like I saw a different movie than what some of these reviews are describing. There are a few things that I want to research first before writing up a post about it. In my opinion, if you liked the first movie, then you'll like this one.

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Great idea! We have lots of lemons, so this a good way to "save" some of them for later :)
S said…
Excellent idea! I'm having a huge party in June (to which you would be invited if you lived anywhere near Kansas) and was planning on serving mojitos and vodka or gin & tonics. Those lime ice cubes will be perfect for a sweltering Kansas evening!
Chris said…
Great idea! I usually squeeze the lemons, put the juice in ice cube trays, freeze and then put them in a plastic container for when I need them. Next time I have to juice lemons I'm going to try your suggestion.
lori said…
Great idea. I will definitely try that out this summer. Oh and thanks for the SATC review. I was wondering if I should even bother seeing it with all the bad reviews out there.
Lisa Johnson said…
michelle - Nice to see you around here! Hope you're enjoying your lemon cubes. : )

s - Thanks for the invite! Sounds like a great party. Glad to add some inspiration!

chris - Good idea on putting them in another container to use for later. I'm almost done with this tray and need to make some more.

lori - Did you end up seeing SATC? I hope you liked it!
S said…
The ice cubes were a huge hit! Worked so perfectly for mojitos, gin & tonics, and vodka cranberries.
Lisa Johnson said…
s - So glad you liked them! I have to make some more. I just used up my last two! ; )

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