Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quincy To Quincy

Quincy, Massachusetts is the City of Presidents.

Quincy, Illinois is known as Gem City.

We pronounce our Quincy "kwin-zee." I guess they don't.

I wonder if anyone is reading this from Quincy, Illinois?
President Obama visited Quincy, Illinois recently.

It would be nice if he visited this Quincy too. After all, this is the City of Presidents!

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Sharlene T. said...

Perhaps he will now that the invite is out...I've always thought of Quincy, Mass as a very picture-perfect New England know, the kind they use on holiday cards. Of course, the down side is the shoveling snow and freezing rains...come visit when you can...

Elizabeth said...

I always learn something new when I swing by here. :) I was in the City of Presidents just last week for dinner on Hancock street.

Anali said...

sharlene - Yeah, the cold is definitely a down side. Hopefully President Obama can visit during the nice weather. : )

elizabeth - Glad to share something new. What restaurant did you try?

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