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Another first for this blog! The open thread format. Never tried it before, but was curious about how it might work. Will anyone participate?

I've been curious about what's on your mind. Anything in particular that you want to discuss, comment about? Questions you want to ask?

Are there topics that you'd like to read about here? Pictures you'd like to see? Products, foods, or restaurants you'd like reviewed? Any fantasy giveaways that you'd like to enter and win?

What do you like about this blog? What don't you like about it?

Feeling traumatized by the Brothers & Sisters season finale? Me too! Upset that Law & Order was cancelled? I love the show and just read that the show may still go on!

Let it all out. Discuss. Question. Comment away! What's on your mind?

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S said…
Ever since the episode of L&O where Jack McCoy prosecuted a criminal defense attorney as an accessory to murder because the attorney wouldn't reveal what his client told him about where the bodies were buried, I have not watched an episode and have hoped for the show's demise. Never before and never since has an hour of television made me so insanely angry.
Suldog said…
MY WIFE is a Law & Order fanatic, less so me. If there's a chance it may survive, that will brighten her spirits.

I'd like to know about the best breakfasts you've ever had in the metropolitan Boston area. We love to go out for a good hearty breakfast every once in a while and always appreciate hearing about something good we haven't yet tried.
Sharlene T. said…
Open door, insert foot...I will miss L&O and really resent that they didn't renew for another year, if only to beat the Gunsmoke record...grrr...

I'd love to talk about something but my mind's still a blur from traveling...Keep the thread open...I'll be back...I know it's important...
Asha said…
Hi Anali, I love Maya Angelou's voice, so powerful and what a great writer. Hope you do write about your meeting with her. I think she teaches here in Winston Salem college if I can remember correctly, never met her personally though, would love to. I listen to her CD books just for her voice!:D
SE'LAH... said…
I enjoy your reviews of restaurants and events around the city.

watched the L&O finale. have no fear - a new one will start soon.
Lisa Johnson said…
s - Wow! They do sometimes play fast and loose with the law. But overall TV doesn't accurately portray real life. Oh well. It's over. At least in NY. L&O LA is starting in the fall!

suldog - I'm actually getting ready to try a new place this weekend, so I'll blog about that at some point.

I very rarely go out to eat breakfast. I'm not a morning person and would prefer not eating rather than leave earlier to eat out. I just cook at home.

Brunch however is a different story. It's my favorite meal of the week! Breakfast food, but later and relaxed. Plus they usually serve alcohol! What could be better? To this day, my most amazing brunch experience was a Jazz Sunday Brunch at Café Fleuri in the Langham Hotel. It's really expensive, but will blow your mind.

I went a few years ago, but I'm assuming that they still have the same huge selection. It's buffet style, but with servers too. Imagine all the meals from your typical brunch, Thanksgiving, Christmas, then add seafood, and any other food you can think of and dessert.

The room is really large and there are comfortable chairs, so you have lots of space and are not bumping into other diners. I highly recommend it! Here's a link below.
Lisa Johnson said…
sharlene - I was surprised that they didn't try to break the record too. There might have been some issues with some actors' contracts.

asha - I didn't get to meet her personally, but I was in her presence. Maybe I should promise that I'll post it next week, so I'll make sure that I do! ;)

se'lah - I loved the series finale. For a show that can be so violent, it had a rather feel good ending. L&O LA should be interesting. I guess they were ready for a new setting. Glad you like the around the city posts. There will be more!

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