My Blog Is Loved & Adored In ... Egypt

Really Alexa? I know that I shouldn't get caught up in all the blog rankings and stats. Technorati is fairly useless now since the upgrade. Why can't we see all our individual links anymore? Wasn't that the point?

But checking sitemeter reveals such interesting information, that it's hard not to keep looking at it even though I want to stop.

It's like looking at cute baby animals or a car crash. Sometimes it warms my heart that someone found exactly what they were looking for here and I won them over for 20 minutes! Yes!

Other times, I wish that I had never seen the search term that they typed or thought about the type of person who would type it. Ick!

According to Alexa, for today at least, my blog ranks 62,149 in Egypt. Which would be all well and good if I believed it. However,according to sitemeter, I barely get any readers from Egypt. What's the deal?

What are your experiences with Alexa and sitemeter?

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alessandra said…
Oh, but you have at least a fan in Italy ;)
And one in British Columbia, Canada too:D
Ilva said…
Technorati was once useful but now I wonder for what it exists really. I only use Alexa's toolbar to check Alexa rankings that way but I know it is not a reliable way to measure but when you get strange emails from websites pretending that they are huge, I amuse myself with checking out their ranking...
Nance said…
I pulled my blogs off Technorati ages ago. Technorati doesn't reward creativity; it rewards mentioning other people's blogs in your blog, period. I decided to stay true to my mission which was, as a writing teacher, to practice what I preach: That writers write. I'm thrilled when others like to read me, but I can't be clouded and influenced by site meters and hit counters and extraneous popularity gauges. I have to stay true to the writer that I am.
Sharlene T. said…
I agree with Nance, I can't be bothered about all those ratings. My message will reach those it should and will gather others as it should be done -- if the message is meant to grow! I just keep doing my thing. Love your blog. Come visit when you can...
Lisa Johnson said…
alessandra - Awww! ; )

bellini valli - I'm feeling worldwide love!

ilva - Thanks for stopping by! I've never downloaded their toolbar. The less downloads the better. That is a fun way to amuse yourself though. ;)

nance - Good for you! That's definitely the best way to be.

sharlene - It's true that what we write will eventually circulate if it's good. I'm heading over to your blog right now! ; )

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