Life List Update #92 - Carousels

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I've always believed this quote. But since I created My Life List, the universe really seems to be conspiring.

#92 on the list is to photograph 10 carousels. I love them and thought that it would be cool to take pictures of a few. But I didn't think that things would start happening quite so fast.

My friend S and I decided to get together for lunch. We talked about a few places and I mentioned that I had always wanted to try The Living Room, which is close to the waterfront. She randomly mentioned that there is a carousel quite close on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. That decided it!

I'll write up a separate post about our meal, but here's the first of my carousel pictures. I love how there's so much greenery, the whimsy of a carousel, then all the office buildings in the background. The carousel is rather unexpected considering the surroundings.

This was my first time walking in this part of the Greenway since it was finished. It's really beautiful and I'll have to go back soon to take advantage of the space in this nice weather. They also have a number of interesting volunteer opportunities if anyone is looking.

Bye for now. I hope that the universe is conspiring for you too!

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alessandra said…
Wow, nice, I hope it too.
El said…
There's a really beautiful carousel at Heritage Museum & Gardens in Sandwich, MA you should check out. You'll love it!
starry said…
I loved carrousals as a child and still do.something fairytale like about a carrousal.
Tracy said…
Carousels hope a certain magic, no matter our age! I'm at a bit of a crossroads with some things, and need to make some decision... I hope the universe treats me kind! Happy Week, Anali ((HUGS))
That juxtaposition is striking! Excellent picture and what a fun item for your Life List!
Suldog said…
Short story concerning carousels. Somehow or another, MY WIFE had reached our honeymoon without ever having been on a carousel in her life. We spent part of our honeymoon in DC, and we came upon a carousel, at which point I found out that amazing fact. It was my distinct pleasure - the second-best pleasure I got on the trip, by the way - to treat MY WIFE, at age 35, to her first ride on a carousel!
Chris said…
Love this quote by Emerson. I also believe it's true. A Life List. I like that. Reminds me of "The Bucket List". I think I'm going to draw up a list of my own. I don't know it will be as long as yours but it will be a start.
Lisa Johnson said…
alessandra - Thanks!

el - Thanks for the tip! I never heard of it. I'm definitely going to try and get there this summer.

starry - That's the perfect wording for it: fairytale like. Nice!

tracy - I hope it does too! Sending good vibes your way! ; )
Lisa Johnson said…
scraps - Thanks for the visit and sweet words!

suldog - That's so romantic! Thanks for sharing the story.

chris - Looking forward to seeing your list!

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