Life List Update #81 - Open Studios

Remember my life list? After writing it, I've found opportunities opening up to help me complete it.

#81 on my list is visit 100 artist open studios. I love art and have visited a few studios, but want to see lots more of them. Within days of writing my list, my cousin N invited me to the West Medford Open Studios. Now I have just 99 open studios to visit!

It was nice getting a chance to visit with her and to see some beautiful items for sale. It was the day before Mother's Day and I bought my mom a beautiful card from Carolyn Dinsmoor. I really like her photography.

I bought the mug pictured above for myself and a different mug for my mom. I'm slightly obsessed with mugs and not sure why. Anyway, the mugs were made by Maureen Sonnie of Two Paws Studio.

I loved everything that she made! There was a blue plate with stars and moons. It looked so pretty and magical. Her pottery had this sparkle and whimsy about it. If I had enough money and had a few homes to decorate, I would have bought everything.

Then we visited Rich Turk, aka The Puffin Man. His pictures of puffins are mesmerizing. Take a look at his photo gallery. Just try and not smile while looking at a puffin! ; )

He photograhed the puffins on two trips to Machias Seal Island, off the coast of Maine, during the 2009 breeding season. I just noticed on the Maine website, that there is a lighthouse on the island. That would help with #42 on my list!

Also quite interesting is that there is a dispute betwen the United States and Canada as to who owns the island. The lighthouse is staffed by the Canadian Coast Guard.

Wow. You really do learn something new everyday. Writing about open studios led to learning about an international land dispute! Well, on that note, have a great weekend everyone!

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lori said…
Must be fun to live in a real city!
I love your life list. Great things on there -- some easy and others challenging; it's a good mix. Congrats on crossing some items off already.
Chris said…
Hi Anali -- new to your blog. LOVE the mug and your photo of same is beautiful. Found you because you read my guest post at the NECESSARY ROOM. Thanks so much for your comment. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Have subscribed.
brainella said…
I have a mug obsession too. My husband is constantly trying to get rid of them all. :) I just make more in pottery class and threaten to keep them. HA!
christina said…
i have a lovely obsession, with mugs too. this one is just beautiful!
a life list! i love it. i'm definitely going to be working on one of those...
I love the mug! I hope you get to visit 99 more open studios and then some. So many that you lose count.
glamah16 said…
My first visit here and I love what I see in the posts. I will put you on my blog list as well.
SE'LAH... said…
love your mug...but enamored with puffins too. You can also buy cereal at Whole Foods to help the cause.

one love.
Unknown said…
Visiting art studios is so fun! I love the mug you picked up, it looks like it will be wonderful to sip coffee or tea out that for a very long time!

xo Mary Jo
Lisa Johnson said…
lori - It is! Especially since I grew up in a small town.

dmbrox - Thank you! This list is really energizing me!

chris - Welcome! Thanks so much for the visit and kind words.

brainella - Welcome! That's great that you make mugs. Something else that I have to try!

christina - Thanks! Nice to know that my mug obsession isn't as odd as I thought.
Lisa Johnson said…
angelina la dawn - Thanks for the visit! Have fun with your list! It's really a great way to get motivated.

unknown mami - Thank you! I hope that I get to visit way more too!

glamah16 - Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying the blog.

se'lah - So funny! I was just in Trader Joe's yesterday and saw the puffin cereal. I didn't get it, but maybe next time.

mary jo - Thank you! So far this mug has just seen coffee. I guess I should mix it up a bit. : )

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