Knock Knock. Who's There? Tackey Chan.

I'm rather hesitant when someone knocks on the door. Growing up, my father would let just about anyone in the house, because he loves to talk. Door to door salespeople. Mormons. Jehovah's Witnesses. Anyone. He'll talk your ear off.

Oh and he doesn't believe in organized religion. So he would literally spend hours trying to convince the religious folks who dropped by why they were confused. They would realize that there was no convincing him, then pretty much say, "Well, we'd better move along now. Thanks for you're time." He'd still be willing to talk! So you see what I was up against growing up. I had to learn to make a logical argument!

Anyway, just a little while ago, I literally had a knock on my door. And it was Tackey Chan. He's running for State Representative and is introducing himself to people in Quincy.

Before opening the door, I asked who it was. He said his name. But I had never heard of him, so I waited a bit. Then a female volunteer announced that she was there too, so I opened the door.

I hate to be paranoid, but you really never know nowadays. Anyway, Tackey Chan was very nice, and seems to have a lot of good experience, so I took some of his campaign literature.

Local politics are really heating up in Quincy. There's a lot of movement lately. State Senator Michael Morrissey is leaving office to run for Norfolk County District Attorney. Plus, I just read that former Quincy Mayor, James Sheets, may run for Congress. Representative Bill Delahunt isn't seeking reelection, so the seat is up for the taking.

Things are going to get quite interesting leading up to the Fall. Especially since hundreds of Quincy teachers were just laid off.

Photo: Boston - Beacon Hill "Door Knocker at 51" by David Paul Ohmer.

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Chris said…
Oh and he doesn't believe in organized religion. So he would literally spend hours trying to convince the religious folks who dropped by why they were confused.

Ok, your dad ROCKS!
Sharlene T. said…
You just never know, do you? What a nice surprise for you...thanks for sharing.
Lisa Johnson said…
chris - Yeah. He does! ; )

sharlene - True! You just never know!
Can-Can said…
I had another friend who used to invite people to discuss their beliefs. His house ended up being a no-knock zone.
I think you're right to be cautious especially today when there's an unexpected knock at the door.
Speaking of Quincy - I don't know if you remember the old Quincy Bargain Center that used to be in the Center (with a Lambert's Fruit Stand nearby). I shopped there often. We used to literally have to run out of there before dark because "our kind" weren't welcome then. It still amazes me how diverse the city has become, especially the Asian population. It's a nice city.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - I remember my parents taking me and my brother to the Quincy Bargain Center when we were kids. We needed new winter coats and my parents were looking for a good deal. I remember going around the rotary and all the traffic. That's probably my first memory of Quincy. Who would have known that I'd end up moving here? And compared to where I grew up, this was the big city!
Kathy said…
Another candidate for State Representative is Karl Roos. He is the independent candidate. He's a neighbor of mine and a great person with a wonderful family. If you like you can check out his information on his website at
Have a fabulous day and take care,
Kathy Hubley
Lisa Johnson said…
kathy - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! Although I am a Democrat and will be voting for Tackey Chan.

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