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Inspired by this post and especially the passage below.
"I asked her what her secret was to living to 80 years old and remaining beautiful and young-looking. She told me that she loved the outdoors, and she loved beautiful things. 'I just like looking at beautiful things.'"
Something to think about.

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angela said…
This quote makes me feel better about my recently developing love of pretty things. I think this is going to be a great thing for me, based on this.
Christine said…
Beautiful. The shell and the post that inspired you. Thanks, Lisa.
Tess Kincaid said…
Me too. Lovely post.
starry said…
love the quote and the shell.
Pam said…
What a nice blog, I am going to enjoy exploring it. I discovered you through my friend Lynn's post.
Lisa Johnson said…
angela - Welcome! Glad you liked it. : )

christine - You're welcome!

willow - Thanks!

starry - Thank you too!

the gypsy chef - Thanks for the visit and the kind words!

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