Breakfast For Dinner: A Boston Blogger Event

At the end of March, I received a lovely invitation from Mary Kate of Kitchenbelle to attend a food blogger dinner sponsored by Eggland's Best. Since then, I looked forward to the event, which was last week.

The dinner was held at Stella, a restaurant in the South End. Over thirty local food bloggers attended and we had quite a good time. Plus, never in my life did I ever think I would learn so much about eggs and chicken behavior. Here's a picture of our table below. That's me at the front to the right.

The food was really good. What a spread! As you can imagine, there was an egg theme happening. Which is great, because I love eggs! We had deviled eggs for appetizers. The French toast was the tallest that I've ever seen!

I was already a fan of Eggland's Best eggs, in all senses of the word, but now even more so after hearing more about how they bring quality to a whole other level with their eggs. Their inspection and testing far exceeds what is required by the USDA and the nutrition of the eggs is superior too. The chickens are fed marigolds! Oh and I just read that their eggs are kosher too.

We even had Bart Slaugh Director of Quality Assurance speak with us. Bart has a PhD and is a respected Poultry/Avian Scientist who gave us a ton of information. I certainly did not retain most of it.

There were some questions about what it means for the chickens to be cage free and the relative happiness of the chickens. Bart told us that he really could not assure us one way or another whether the chickens are happy or not. Good answer! : )

My understanding is that the Cage Free & Organic eggs are the eggs produced from chickens that are free to roam outdoors if they like. Cage free eggs that are not organic, means that the chickens were not in cages, but they are in an open area indoors. They aren't roaming around outdoors in the sunlight. It was rather confusing. 

Read more on their website for information. It's constantly updated and full of information. From what I've seen, Eggland's Best is a company that really stands behind their products and they are incredibly passionate about eggs. Seriously. They really love eggs! You can see it when they speak.

Now that having been said. Eggland's Best does not sell cheap eggs. And I have received many coupons for them, so I've gotten a few cartons of eggs for free. However, after reading more about them and really thinking about what I'm putting into my body, I'm pretty much only buying their eggs now even when I have to pay full price. Which really is most of the time.

Besides poultry and seafood, I eat little to no meat. Eggs make up a large portion of my diet. With all that I read about seafood and poultry not being so healthy either, I've greatly reduced the amount of chicken, turkey, and fish that I buy. My diet is getting even closer to being vegetarian. With the money that I'm saving from buying less meat, I decided that if I'm really serious about eating healthier food, it makes sense to reallocate some of that money toward a a higher quality egg.

Also, I'm getting better at finding EB coupons when I run out. Sadly, I had a flat tire a few weeks ago. While I was waiting for a tire to be put on my car, I was reading a magazine. What did I see? An EB coupon! I asked if it was okay to take it and they let me. I'm very creative when it comes to finding coupons!

But I digress. The dinner was great. And we all left with nice gift bags.

Disclosure: The dinner and gift bags were complimentary. In the past, I did an Eggland's Best giveaway on this blog and have received free coupons.

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Can-Can said…
Yum - what a feast you all had. I still can't bring myself to eat eggs more than once every couple of weeks. I stopped eating them when there was the high cholesterol connection and haven't gotten back to eating them a lot.
I always by organic, cage-free eggs. Sometimes Eggland's Best, sometimes other. I'm pretty much only eating grass-fed beef (a rare - perhaps 4 x a year treat) and organic chicken and wild-fish. Having to pay more means that I'll savor ir more and use sparingly.
El said…
That's one good looking group! Glad you had a great time!
Shell said…
What a fun event! Those are the eggs that we usually get, too.

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day last Monday!
Anonymous said…
What a feast! I love breakfast for dinner!
Suldog said…
Fine looking bunch of bloggers there, and any blog that features french toast will automatically make my belly rumble. I must go eat now :-)
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - It seems that the more we learn, the more we have to change what we've been eating. Our food supply is rather scary. And when I think about what the oil spill is doing to the wildlife and how that impacts our food, it breaks my heart.

el - It really is quite a good looking group. Very nice too!

shell - Welcome! And glad to stop by. ; )

dana - Thanks for the visit! It's one of my favorites too. I also like reverse meals, where dessert is first.

suldog - I guess by now you know that stopping by here is pretty much guaranteed to make you hungry. : )

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