A Simple Snack

Lately, I've noticed at least 500 million varieties of yogurt in the grocery store. And there seem to be more each week.

Several times I've noticed siggi's, but didn't buy any. I love the simple look of the container. Something about it caught my eye again last week.

Technically siggi's is skyr, which is the traditional yogurt of Iceland. They have several different flavors. I'd like to try the orange and ginger next.

Siggi's is not cheap. I just bought one small container. Two bucks. Ouch! But it's good stuff. I mixed it with some honey, pecans, and orange flavored dried cranberries. A great snack. Tasty. Filling. Healthy.

Maybe I bought siggi's recently, because Iceland is in my subconscious. Thinking about that volcano and the power of Mother Nature.

Since today is Earth Day, I'll take a some time to think about more ways that I can help protect our planet. Do you have any Earth Day tips to share?

*Updated* I just thought of a new way to reuse and recycle via a tip from freekibble.com. I don't have a pet, but there are animal shelters often looking for used bedding as donations. Great idea! I also just remembered that a former co-worker would collect old prescription bottles to bring to animal shelters for the pets medicine. I'll have to remember to do these. Oh, and I still make repurposed cereal scones. They taste better than they sound!

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Tracy said…
Happy Earth Day, Anali! I just did a little post on ways I try to keep my little business growing greener. :o) This yogurt sounds good...expensive, but good... LOL! I love yogurt--morning can't start without tea and yogurt! ((HUGS))
starry said…
Happy earth day to you.I have been recycling towels and sheets to the animal shelter.Never thought of prescription bottles.thanks for the info.
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - I enjoyed your post! : )

starry - You're welcome! ; )

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