Happy Easter From Boston!

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SE'LAH... said…
Happy Easter to you!

So glad we are having great weather. Enjoy.
Nance said…
Wow! Your rain DID clear off! We've had glorious weather, too. A major accomplishment for NEO.
El said…
Happy Easter to you too. Hope you're enjoying the nice weather. Thanks for the beautiful Boston pics!
Tracy said…
Oh, that little bit of blossom is such joy to see after a long winter... lookin' good in Boston! Hope you had a sweet Easter, Anali... and that the Easter Bunny was generous too. ;o) ((HUGS))
Suldog said…
Happy Easter, Anali! Hasn't the weather been superb?
Lisa Johnson said…
se'lah - You too! What a warm spring!

nance - I'll enjoy the global warming for now I guess. : )

el - Glad you like the pics! I hope you enjoyed the day too!

tracy - The easter bunny brought family and friends over to my house which was very nice! ; )

suldog - Belated happy Easter to you too! This weather has been OUTSTANDING! :D
Lisa Johnson said…
style and inspiration - Thanks!

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