Drive By Photography

Texting while driving is surely a bad thing. I've never done it, but I admit to answering my cell phone while driving. I've made a few calls while driving too.

Since Oprah's No Phone Zone Campaign, I've stopped doing both. It's just not worth it. Any calls can wait or I can pull over and make the call.

But I have another distraction while driving. Taking pictures. This flickr photo by Amisha reminded me.

I usually have my camera with me. Or my cell phone, which has a camera too. Well, there you go. I wonder if Oprah has addressed the photography side of cell phone use?

This photography distraction results in me often pulling over to take pictures. That's how I shot this rainbow.

Or sometimes shooting while driving. That's how I got that first picture. I can't do that again either. Many good shots will be lost. But at least not a life.

I took this picture while stopped in traffic on a bridge. My camera was out and I noticed this silhouette of dancers. Traffic wasn't moving, so I shot. Do you take pictures on the road?

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Mizrepresent said…
Yes, i am guilty of taking pics while driving, but mostly while being stopped. I also took a pic of a rainbow, because i don't get to see them often and it was so beautiful, like yours.
I suppose this is where my one working arm is to my advantage. I HAVE to keep it on the steering wheel so I'm not on the phone, texting, or taking photos while driving. If I want to do those things I have to pull over and park.
Suldog said…
Since I don't own a cell (never have) I don't own a quick-shot sort of camera, either. So, the answer would be no.
Tracy said…
I LOVE being a passage and taking the drive-by photos. I don't drive, but my hubby does. So I get the camera. ;o) I don't have a cell phone either--never had, and don't really want one. And here's me that Tweets & everything... LOL! I dont' know the whole cell phone thing has never interested me. I see their usefulness. But I work from home, so don't really need one right now. Camera though, gotta have that. I really like that top photo, Anali! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))
Nance said…
I detest taking and being in photos. My cell phone (dislike that, too) has a camera which I don't even know how to use. I just let everyone else take the pix and then I look at them!
El said…
I've never tried it. Too afraid of getting hit!
starry said…
Have been guilty of texting and talking on the phone and a few pics.But now I dont do any of them, not worth taking a life.
Lisa Johnson said…
mizrepresent - Rainbows are a real distraction! It's funny if you're driving and one appears seeing people slow down to look.

twenty four at heart - That would be an advantage. You know that you have to focus.

suldog - Well, that was short and sweet!

tracy - That's one of the passenger perks. Free hands!

nance - It is easier that way. I don't mind my picture being taken if I like how it comes out. When I don't, then I dwell on it for days. I know. Pathetic!

el - Probably a good thing!

starry - You and me both!

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