Thursday, April 15, 2010

Definitely Not Banned in Boston: CupcakeCamp

Taxes are done. Finally! Now I can focus on important matters happening on Tax Day. Certainly no tea party rallies for me. That Sarah Palin was here yesterday still makes my head hurt.

Today Boston must redeem itself. Cupcakes are a start! So today I bake and make my way to CupcakeCamp. I hope all the other kids are nice! ; )

*Updated* The cupcakes are baked! You can see them here. Tonight will be the first time that I use my Wilton Ultimate 3-In-1 Cupcake Caddy and Carrier.

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Suldog said...

Cupcakes! Everybody likes a good cupcake, no matter what their political stripe! I say you and I start The Cupcake Party!

El said...

I'm sure they paid people to attend that event. Seriously. Cupcakes are definitely a good distraction.

Tracy said...

Cupcake camp--that is so exciting! Have fun, Anali! I have to say, I am so glad Sarah Palin will never be near here--an advantage this, living abroad. ;o) No tea party rallies for me either.. GAK! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Anali said...

suldog - Now that would take some of the bitterness out of politics!

el - Hmmm. Interesting. I hadn't even thought of that.

tracy - I guess no Sarah Palin is a real advantage! ; )

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