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Back in the summer of 2007, I really had fun participating in the Show Us Your Apron blog event. Just recently I read about a new Show Us Your Event over at Lucillian Delights. This time it's Show Us Your Most Treasured Cookbook.

Now it would be really hard to say that this is my most treasured cookbook. I don't think that I have one in particular. But Glamour's Gourmet On The Run, by Jane Kirby, has a special place in my heart. It's the first cookbook that I bought for myself after moving into my first apartment. Somehow it made me feel like more of an adult.

I was around 25 and felt like I was faking the adult thing. I still felt like a college student in some ways even though I had graduated years before. But buying that cookbook made it all seem more legitimate. I can be rather territorial when it comes to the kitchen, so finally I had my own kitchen to cook in and could decide what I wanted to make.

So this cookbook represented independence to me. Oddly enough, I haven't used many recipes from the cookbook. There is a Zucchini Frittata recipe that I used a few times. That may have been my introduction to frittatas, which is huge. Frittatas are a regular part of my cooking now. But I make them so often that I don't use a recipe anymore. I just throw together eggs and whatever and it works out fine.

There's also a Chocolate Heart Cookies recipe that I've enjoyed several times. But I adapted it, so that I don't need to roll out the cookies and use a heart cookie cutter. I think the problem was that I didn't have the heart cookie cutter. Hmmm. These heart cookie cutters are cute. I'll have to get some eventually.

Well, that's one of my many cookbook stories. What are your favorite cookbook memories?

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Esme said…
Have a great day-I am going to have to go dig out my favorite cookbook.
Nance said…
Even though I'm an "instinctive cook", I like to use a basic cookbook, like Good Housekeeping's, as a sort of anchor cookbook. It's got timeless classics and serves as a starting point for me for temperatures and things like minutes per pound for various cuts of meats for roasting. I can look at it quickly, then improvise from there. It's like my Kitchen Bible.
Tracy said…
Too tough to even choose a favorite cookbook--I have so many! But I love Nigella Lawson's books and the Moosewood restaurant's books are always great inspiration. :o) Happy Week, Anali ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
esme - I loved your post! So glad to inspire! ; )

nance - An anchor cookbook. I really like that description! I feel the same way with most recipes. I need some basic guidance to get me started, then I can improvise away!

tracy - It is a tough choice. I have a couple of Moosewood cookbooks too, but I haven't used them much. And shockingly, I have none of Nigella Lawsons. I really should have at least one!
So So Simple said…
Hi Lisa

Would love to show off the 2 new aprons I got for my birthday. They are sensational, do you think they will holding that event ever again.
Lisa Johnson said…
so simple - Hi Gilli! I think it was a one time event. You still should post about your aprons though. : )

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