Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Forward!

Daylight Savings Time starts at 2:00 am on the second Sunday in March. Tonight!

That hour will be missed, but I'm really looking forward to an extra hour of daylight tomorrow. What a huge difference!

I just saw an article about the next generation of alarm clocks, which reminded me of alarm clocks that over the years I've seen advertised in Yoga Journal.

They're called Zen Alarm Clocks and let you gradually awake to chimes and other peaceful sounds instead of being startled into consciousness.
I've always wanted to order one, but the price wasn't working for me.

They're so pretty, that they could be considered a functional work of art . If I ever have a bunch of extra money, I could probably rationalize it. Maybe.

I hope you all wake up peacefully tomorrow morning. And enjoy that extra daylight!

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Tracy said...

I read Yoga Journal too, and saw that triangular clock--LOVE it! Those clocks are wonderful, and I can imagine the lovely, serene sounds... but, gosh, they are sooo expensive--ouch! LOL! Happy Weekend, Anali :o) ((HUGS))

Anali said...

tracy - Maybe we'll both get them for gifts one day! ; )

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