List of Movies - Oscars 2010

Last Sunday, I was one of the many viewers of the 2010 Oscars. The show was quite enjoyable. You know I love Steve! And G watched the whole show with me! Including the Red Carpet. Shocking!

We didn't see many of the movies, but there are several that we thought looked interesting. Like some of the short films, including the animated shorts.

I just found a printable list of the Oscar nominated films, so we can start watching them. Here it is in case you want to do the same.

The Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline is showing all the Oscar nominated short films, so we may head over there soon. Here are the showtimes.

Have you seen many of the Oscar nominated films?

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alessandra said…
Not even one :D
Tracy said…
Hi, Anali! I'm a Steve Martin fan too--he did great. I must say, we've not seen most of the films either--a couple we'd not even been aware of... LOL! Must get busy watching some films... Happy Weekend :o) ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
alessandra - I only saw two. ; )

tracy - It's nice to have a plan of attack for the movies. Enjoy watching them and happy weekend to you too! : )
Crystal Escobar said…
oh that is a great idea! I'd love to watch them, thanks for the info.
I commented after you on SITS, so now I'm here, and also following :)
I saw Julie and Julia and enjoyed it. (Meryl is always amazing.) Then hubby and I went to Avatar for his birthday. Avatar was pretty amazing I thought. But, that's all so far ... looking forward to catching them on video eventually.

Lisa Johnson said…
crystal escobar - Welcome! And thanks for the visit! : )

shirley - I guess plenty of us will be looking to the list and the DVDs!

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