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Wow. This week flew by. It's been a bity busy behind the scenes and I've missed catching up with many of you on your blogs. I guess we can all only do so much though.

My hand is still bothering me. *sigh* Hopefully it will be better soon. I've been planning for the longest time to do a scone recipe post. So many posts are in the works, but they'll have to wait a bit.

I did want to mention that I saw Cinema Paradiso for the first time a couple of weeks ago. What a beautiful film. I borrowed the DVD from the library and saw the new version, which is the extended Director's Cut.

Some people don't like subtitles, so if you don't speak Italian, well there are subtitles. If you haven't seen Cinema Paradiso, and you love movies, and you don't mind subtitles, then see this film. The story is told in a flashback and you get to see a life. The ups and downs. Love and loss. And most especially, you see how the movies impact our lives. Not surprisingly Cinema Paradiso won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

It took me a little while to get into the film, but I'm so glad that I saw it all the way through. At the beginning, I really couldn't identify much with the characters. By the end, I saw the universal themes in the movie and could see my life too. I cried for the last twenty minutes!! Small actions and choices can change a life.

Oh and the soundtrack is exquisite. Listen and watch some clips here.

Seeing Cinema Paradiso made me think back to one of the first films that I remember seeing as a child: The Red Balloon. Maybe that's why I have a thing for shorts, foreign film, and always dream of Paris.

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Nance said…
I remember The Red Balloon too! I was so captivated by just the simplicity of it. I don't recall when or where I even saw it, which isn't unusual for me. I often got lost in movies as a child. Books, too.
SE'LAH... said…
I am shamefully behind on my blog visits too...please forgive me.

Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

one love.
El said…
Cinema Paradiso was wonderful. I actual just saw The Red Baloon last year and loved it. Why can't we have balloons like that?
Esme said…
Thanks for the tea place-that was it.
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - It's a shame that we don't see more simple movies like this. So much is over the top now. 3D and all that. There's something to be said for 2D.

se'lah - Thanks for good vibes!

el - I know! Imagine...

esme - You're welcome!

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