A Very Random Blog Post

I've noticed that many people land on this blog after searching for blog post ideas. Well my idea for a blog post today is to list the last few Google searches that brought people to my blog.

One in particular was probably very disappointed when they realized what the actual blog post was about. There sure are a lot more people than I would have guessed who are interested in pantyhose. And it's so nice to see when people are actually searching for this blog! Here's the list.

it's amazing, it is true song

girl school in pantyhose

pantyhose skin tone or sheer black for 50 something

how to tell when yeast is dead?

cake icing with nutella

anali's first ammendment

blog posting ideas

nutella cranberry white chocolate chip

anyone not getting cvs e-mail coupons

skirt suits and pantyhose cold weather

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Tracy said…
It's always amazing those searches...tee-hee... :o) Wishing you a very sweet Valentine Weekend, Anali! Will you be baking? ;o) ((HUGS))
Suldog said…
Yup. I get the most folks to my place via "Co-Ed naked snow jogging". Seriously. Of course, I did write a post with that title, but there are no photos so most of the perverts must leave unhappy :-)
Carrie said…
Hopping over from SITS. Seems I've found another baker. Yippee! :)
I hope you have the Sweetest of Valentine's this weekend.
"nutella cranberry white chocolate chip"

Now I have to search that to see what yummy thing you have to say about that!
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - I've been saving up my baking for tomorrow. I'm thinking some cute cupcakes. Happy Valentine's Day!

suldog - LOL! Now that is quite a visual title!

the cookie girl - Welcome! I love your name. I'm a cookie girl myself! ; )

ngip - I hope you liked the post!

esme - Glad you liked! : )
CynthiaK said…
It is amazing to check in and see how people end up on our blogs through search engines, isn't it? Sometimes it's funny, sometimes a little frightening! LOL!

I love "how to tell if yeast is dead."

Stopping by from SITS!
Lorri S said…
Wow, funny searches, as always.

Visiting from SITS---Happy Valentine's Day!
Lisa Johnson said…
cynthiak - Thanks for the visit! It really is amazing. Until I started seeing these searches, I had no idea the number of people with dead yeast. It's a global problem!

lorri jeanne - Welcome! And Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

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