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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Harbinger Of Spring?

As I was washing this morning's dishes, I saw a flash of red out the corner of my eye.

I turned towards the window and saw a bird. A beautiful red bird!

I grabbed my camera and got two shots before it flew away. This was the best one. It looks like a Cardinal, but I'm no bird expert.

The past few days have been rather warm. In the 40's. And the snow is mostly all melted. That's quite all right with me.

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  1. A family of cardinals has been around my backyard all winter long! I think a neighbor has a feeder setup so they don't migrate South. I live in South Boston.

  2. Oh, yes, that is a cardinal... a male cardinal! Isn't he beautiful! Just love the sight of these feathered-friends against a backdrop of snow. We don't have cardinals here, and I miss the sight of familiar birds back home there. Of course, the birds here are special too. ;o) Hope you're having a great weekend, Anali... enjoy the view from you window! ((HUGS))

  3. anonymous - That's great that you have a whole family around. What a pretty sight that must be!

    And now that I think of it, I probably have seen them in the winter. Oh well. I guess I'm grasping at straws for signs of Spring!

    tracy - Thanks for more insight! I wasn't even thinking about the gender, but the male birds usually do have the prettiest plumage. I'm looking for him again. Maybe he has a family.

  4. Sadly, you're definitely grasping at straws of Spring. Cardinals don't migrate south. They hang out here all winter. If you find a Robin, now THAT would be a good sign of Spring. but then again, with global warming, they probably don't need to leave anymore. (FWIW, here's a site about cardinals

  5. anonymous - I'll be on the lookout for Robins! Thanks for the link. I didn't realize that they have so many songs!


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