Sunflowers Everywhere

Sunflowers Everywhere
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I'm trying to keep the election results in perspective. Scott Brown may have won.

But somewhere in the world. There are sunflowers everywhere.

I also just noticed on his Wikipedia page, that his birthday is a day after mine. He's a Virgo too. Well, I guess he isn't all bad. Gotta find the bright side!

*Updated 1/24/10* I'm not the only one looking for the bright side in the election results. I just learned that there is a blog called Where Is Scott Brown's Birth Certificate? They even have a Facebook page up and there are already over 200 members. Looks like there will be some fun with these!

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PixieDust said…
What beautiful sunflowers! yes, somewhere there are always sunflowers...


alessandra said…
Yes, try to get the best out of it!
Suldog said…
You know what, Anali? As a Libertarian, and thus rarely on a winning side in an election, I've learned that who does win is usually nowhere near as important as folks think it is when it happens. Life goes on and politicians will only affect your inner happiness when you allow them to do so :-)

Chin up!
Dianne said…
That is a gorgeous picture!

I wasn't happy with the outcome in MA either.
Nance said…
Massachusetts has always been the seat of rebellion all through America's history, as I always tell my students in American Lit. and as you undoubtedly know. And that's exactly what I think this election result amounted to: a rebellion. I think the president was right when he said the wave that swept Senator-elect Brown into office was the same one that swept him in. People are frustrated and angry, and they just want change. Now that they have it, I hope it is what they wanted.
Unknown said…
Those sunflowers are so wonderful! I like knowing that God always has a plan no matter who is in the White House. Democrats or Republicans. They are all just human! SITS sent me today and I am so glad they did just so I could see those pretty sunflowers!
Lisa Johnson said…
pixiedust - Thanks! So good to see you around again! ; )

alessandra - Lemons to lemonade!

suldog - You're right. We really have to just keep living and try to be happy. Otherwise politics will keep us in permanent misery. No sense in that!
Lisa Johnson said…
dianne - Thank you and I appreciate the visit! : )

nance - I just keep shaking my head. Well, they got change. We'll see what he does. I really do wonder about constituent services. I think people were voting with bigger national issues in mind and not remembering how Senator Kennedy was so active in helping people at the local level. I think those days may be over. Or we'll all have to just call Senator Kerry's office! He's going to be swamped!

life with kaishon - Welcome and thanks for the visit! I'm glad that you like the flowers!

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